Spotify lanza una plataforma de aprendizaje en vídeo que cobra $44 por la clase de ‘Lenguaje Corporal de Perros’


Spotify launches expensive learning courses in the UK

Spotify has launched learning courses in the U.K, trying to diversify beyond music streaming.

The platform offers courses inspired by MasterClass and video-learning platforms like EdEx, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy.

Hosts like Steven Bartlett and Gary Barlow offer courses on starting a business and songwriting, at a price of £48.90 ($61.81).

Introductory music lessons are priced at £92.90 ($117.44).

Users can also pay for courses on dog body language or training dogs to find antlers.

Courses are on a freemium model, with some content available for free.

Spotify is diversifying from music streaming and focusing on podcasts, audiobooks, and now video courses.

The company has faced issues with Apple commission fees, but changes are expected with the launch of the Digital Markets Act in the EU.

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