El líder de Kenia aumenta su perfil global mientras que en casa el público está furioso.El líder de Kenia eleva su perfil global. En casa, el público está furioso.

William Ruto, President of Kenya, has been facing increasing public pressure and criticism just over a year since taking office. Despite initial promises to improve the lives of Kenyans, Ruto’s decisions to raise taxes, remove subsidies, and increase prices have made life more difficult for many. His international travels and state dinners have led to accusations of neglecting domestic issues while hoping to elevate his global standing.

Ruto, who grew up poor, has faced backlash from even his once-ardent supporters, leaving many Kenyans feeling disillusioned and burdened by economic hardships. Despite blaming the previous administration for the country’s financial woes, he has faced significant criticism for failing to deliver on his campaign promises.

As he faces mounting public discontent at home, he continues to strive for recognition abroad, earning accolades from international leaders and Time magazine. However, his attempts to enhance Kenya’s global image have not resonated with the majority of Kenyan citizens who are struggling to afford basic necessities.

In addition to economic woes, Ruto’s administration also faces intense scrutiny over allegations of corruption in his cabinet, while human rights groups condemn his plan to send Kenyan police officers to Haiti. With domestic challenges festering and discontent on the rise, Kenyans are hopeful that Ruto can address their economic difficulties before the situation worsens.

Source: The New York Times

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